Welcome to The Elegant Deceptions of Michael Vincent.

“The London Card Expert”

This website is dedicated to all things related to sleight of hand card magic, gambling, playing cards and the great masters of “The Poetry of Conjuring”.

If you love card magic as much as I do, this website is for YOU.

For those of you just starting out  on this fantastic journey, this site could be an invaluable resource for you.

My intention is to share everything with you; my 40 years as a student of card magic has given me some wonderful experiences and friendships the world over.  This is also my way of saying a big thank you to my heroes and mentors past and present.

The London Card Expert

I have been passionate about sleight of hand card magic since Iw as 10 years old.  It all began after seeing Paul Newman and Robert Redford in that classic film, “The Sting”.  This film inspired me  to take up card magic as a hobby.  Little did I know that I would travel the world with a few decks of cards and a toothbrush.

Card Magic to me is a wonderful medium for authentic self-expression.  Every routine in my repertoire reflects an aspect of my identity, and many areas of life that I am passionate about. Most importantly, it is the perfect means of communication.

The study of card magic is also a perfect discipline and form of Kata, like in many “Martial Arts”.  In fact, there are many similarities between card magic and the martial arts.  The study and mastery of card magic is mastery over oneself.  The final piece of the puzzle comes when the performance is shared with an audience and appreciated.

To present card magic in a convincing manner, and have them experience the extra-ordinary is a wonderful feeling to me. In a few moments, the audience experiences something which may have taken many months to perfect and are left with an experience as  equally profound as any great work of art.

I hope my passion inspires you with an appreciation for this fascinating subject.

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