Classic Books-Required Reading Part Four Dai Vernon’s Inner Secrets of Card Magic, Volume 1-4

Today, the spotlight is being thrown on Dai Vernon’s “Inner Secrets of Card Magic” Volumes 1,2,3 and his “Ultimate Card Secrets”, which completed the series.  To say these books have become influential in the craft of card magic is an understatement.  They opened up a whole new level of conversation in card artistry and impeccable execution since the publication of volume 1 “Inner Secrets of Card Magic” in 1959. Due to the depth and... Read More

Classic Books-Required Reading Part Three: The Secrets of Brother Hamman

I first met Brother John Hamman in Las Vegas in 1997. I was part of a group of magicians which consisted of Chris Kenner, Jon Racherbaumer, Alan Alan and Roger Klause.  I never really got into a conversation with Broth Hamman but I have been a big fan of his card work for a very long time. My first introduction was through the small booklet written by Paul Le Paul.  While it was a very good book, it wasn’t until the publication of a special edition manuscript called “Seven... Read More

Classic Books-Required Reading Part Two: Down Under Deals

The next book I would like to put under the spotlight is an excellent study called “Down Under Deals”. This booklet was written by my friend Andrew Wimhurst and contains 56 pages of solid card magic. The Devil from Down Under The material in this booklet is very similar in style to that found in the work of Darwin Ortiz.  This is not a surprise because Andrew was inspired as I by Darwin’s work.  However, Andrew’s card work is outstanding. There are a... Read More

Classic Books-Required Reading Part One

Over the next few days, I will be sharing my thoughts with you about some of the books that made a difference for me and the development of my card magic.  Since starting this blog, I have mentioned some of the early books that influenced me, there will be some over lap in this conversation becuase I want to go a little deeper into why some of the books were and still are important to me in my ongoing studies. Reading is the source of all learning. If you find this article of... Read More

The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings

  I first met Larry Jennings at The Magic Castle in 1989. This was my first and only meeting with him and it was an event that would have a profound impact on my life and the direction I  would take in card magic.  My first introduction to the magic of Larry Jennings was by way of the book, Dai Vernon’s “Ultimate Card Secrets” written by Lewis Ganson.  This is one of the most outstanding collection of card magic assembled in one book.  This was the final part to... Read More

Coming Soon-The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent Volume 3

Elegant Deceptions If you would like to secure your copy today visit my Online store: Michael Vincent Productions Welcome to The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent Volume 3 Volume 3 continues with the same intention as Volumes 1 and 2, that is to transform the learning of magic through the medium of DVD.  Over the last year, Michael Vincent has broken new ground in merging the DVD medium with his dynamic teaching style.  He has made a significant impact in the market place to... Read More

Roy Walton “Scotland’s Wizard of The Pasteboards”

I had the great pleasure of meeting Roy Walton at The Magic Circle last year. Our club was celebrating its 10th anniversary moving into our new building and Roy Walton was there with his wife Jean and her sister, Betty Davenport.  Roy Walton’s name Mike with Roy Walton 2009 has become synonymous with creativity and mastery in card magic and his influence has extended way beyond his hometown of Glasgow, where he runs The Tam Shepherd division of Davenports Magic. It is well... Read More

Harry Lorayne Magic’s “Greatest Teacher” Best of Friends

The final instalment on my friend Harry Lorayne is much more than a play on words.  Harry is my friend Best of Friends Volumes 1 2 3 and has been for 28 years.  “Best of Friends” is an apt title but also represents Harry’s outstanding achievement as a writer.  From 1982 to 2007, Harry wrote and published three huge volume on card magic and close-up magic entitled “Best of Friends”.  These books featured card magic from the top magicians around... Read More

Harry Lorayne – Magic’s Greatest Teacher Part Three

Today, I am going to focus on some of the great card magic found in Harry’s books. To begin, let’s take a look at a Lorayne Classic, “The Lorayne Poker Deal”.  This routine was first published in “Hugard’s Magic Monthly” back in 1952.  Similar routines have been published, notably “The Marlo Gardner Poker Deal”.  “The Lorayne Poker Deal” has become a classic because Harry took an old principle and routined it with a great presentation.... Read More

Harry Lorayne-Magic’s Greatest Teacher, Part Two

From 1978 to 1982, Harry Lorayne was my mentor and teacher in spite of the fact that I hadn’t met him. During this time, I had all of Harry’s books: Close-up Card Magic Personal Secrets My Favourite Card Tricks Decksterity Reputation Makers Rim Shots Afterthoughts These books were my bibles and formed the foundation for the rest of my journey into card magic.  In  the Autumn of 1982, I made my first trip to New York to perform at The Tannens Jubilee Convention... Read More