Eugene Burger on Matt Schulien’s Fabulous Card Discoveries

This little booklet was a a revelation to me.  I was in the process of learning Matt Schulien’s wonderful effect, “The Card in The Matchbook”. I must confess that I struggled to develop the confidence to pull it off.  If you know the effect, there is a lot of work involved to to produce the convincing illusion. Studying this excellent booklet by Eugene Burger gave me some wonderful strategies for creating the off beat moments when certain sleights needed to... Read More

My Favourite Gambling Routine “The Sting”

As promised, here is a recent video performance of a routine I consider to be top draw. I have been working on this routine for the last 15 years and it was time well spent. Enjoy If you enjoyed this routine and would like to learn it check out Darwin Ortiz’s wonderful book CARDSHARK CARDSHARK a2a_config.linkname="My Favourite Gambling Routine “The Sting”"; a2a_config.linkurl=""; a2a.init("page");  Read More

Cards and The Movies

For a “sleight” change of pace (that missing spelling was intentional :-)) I thought it would be fun to pay a tribute to the classic films of hollywood which featured playing cards and gambling in one context or another. I was about 7 years old when I saw the classic film “The Cincinnati Kid” directed by Norman Jewison.  Steve Mcqueen played a young hot shot poker player.  Edward G Robinson played the role of Lancey Howard, “The Man” who was... Read More

Dai Vernon’s Ultimate Card Secrets

This article focuses on one of the finest books on card magic, Dai Vernon’s “Ultimate Card Secrets”.   This final instalment in the“Inner Secrets Series” was first published in 1976.  I got my first copy of this book around 1979/1980 and it was a dreadful display of a book, filled with lots of blank and wasted pages.  It was a big thick book and nowhere near the presentation of the previous books originally put out.  Having said that, the material... Read More