My New List of Classical Card Magic

In reviewing my top 10 card effects from April 2010, I thought the time has come to share some of the new effects that have made my all time favourite list. Over the last few years, I have embraced more gambling related material and the impact has been fantastic.  There has been a long debate that card magic and gambling demonstrations cannot live side by side in a performance. My experience has proved otherwise, thanks to my friend and mentor Darwin Ortiz. Darwin helped me... Read More

The Fox Holdut – Review

My friend Wayne Fox has released his signature utility device to the marketplace and it is really fantastic. The first time I saw something of this type was through the superb coin work of Eric Jones – Wayne gives credit to Eric as part of his inspirational sources for his development. Fox Holdout There has been a lot of work done on Hold-Outs of various kinds over the years. The most famous of all is the Jack Miller Hold Out. Tannens Magic produced a book called “Hold... Read More

The Expert at the Card Table – A Year Long Study

A very Happy New Year to you all. I am not one for New Years Resolutions and I didn’t even make any attempt to do so for the start of this new year. The Expert at the Card Table However, I have taken on a really big project which will last probably longer than this year. I have chosen to read, study and evaluate the classic text, “The Expert at the Card Table” by S.W. Erdnase.  I have had my original copy since 1980. While I can say that I have read some... Read More