My New List of Classical Card Magic

In reviewing my top 10 card effects from April 2010, I thought the time has come to share some of the new effects that have made my all time favourite list. Over the last few years, I have embraced more gambling related material and the impact has been fantastic.  There has been a long debate that card magic and gambling demonstrations cannot live side by side in a performance.... Read More

Confident Deceptions by Jason Ladanye

It is an exciting time to be studying card magic. Earlier this year saw the release of Darwin Ortiz’s new book “Lessons in Card Mastery”. If you have been following my blog you will know that I wrote  an evaluation on that book. If you enjoyed Darwin’s book then perhaps you may enjoy this new book from one of his students, Jason Ladanye. Jason is a young... Read More

Lessons in Card Mastery by Darwin Ortiz

The wait is finally over. Lessons in Card Mastery is here and it was well worth the wait. Mind you, I had the privilege of reading a draft copy of this new book from Darwin Ortiz Publications and I believe this book to be Darwin’s finest contribution to the subject of Sleight of Hand Card Magic.  I am also proud of the fact that Darwin asked me to write The Foreword to his... Read More

Tony Cabral is “The Usual Suspect”

The Usual Suspects By Tony Cabral 2-Disc DVD Price: $39.95 It is available from Tony Cabral. Email: for details. Tony Cabral comes form Boston and I first heard of him from my friend Darwin Ortiz. Darwin had told me that Tony is an excellent Cardician. I had the pleasure of meeting Tony a year ago at The S.A.M CON Convention held in Boston. I liked him instantly... Read More

Great Cardmen-Great Performances

This week is the start of a new conversation. I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the performances of great cardmen.  It is my belief that we can accelerate our learning and understanding of card magic if we study the work of great magicians in this area.  In NLP, this is called  “Modelling- The Study of Excellence”. Mike and Bill Malone-Magic LIVE 2009 Everyday... Read More

Eugene Burger on Matt Schulien’s Fabulous Card Discoveries

This little booklet was a a revelation to me.  I was in the process of learning Matt Schulien’s wonderful effect, “The Card in The Matchbook”. I must confess that I struggled to develop the confidence to pull it off.  If you know the effect, there is a lot of work involved to to produce the convincing illusion. Studying this excellent booklet by Eugene Burger... Read More

My Favourite Gambling Routine “The Sting”

As promised, here is a recent video performance of a routine I consider to be top draw. I have been working on this routine for the last 15 years and it was time well spent. Enjoy If you enjoyed this routine and would like to learn it check out Darwin Ortiz’s wonderful book CARDSHARK CARDSHARK a2a_config.linkname="My Favourite Gambling Routine “The Sting”"; a2a_config.linkurl=""; a2a.init("page");  Read More

Classic Books-Required Reading Part Four Dai Vernon’s Inner Secrets of Card Magic, Volume 1-4

Today, the spotlight is being thrown on Dai Vernon’s “Inner Secrets of Card Magic” Volumes 1,2,3 and his “Ultimate Card Secrets”, which completed the series.  To say these books have become influential in the craft of card magic is an understatement.  They opened up a whole new level of conversation in card artistry and impeccable execution since... Read More

Classic Books-Required Reading Part Three: The Secrets of Brother Hamman

I first met Brother John Hamman in Las Vegas in 1997. I was part of a group of magicians which consisted of Chris Kenner, Jon Racherbaumer, Alan Alan and Roger Klause.  I never really got into a conversation with Broth Hamman but I have been a big fan of his card work for a very long time. My first introduction was through the small booklet written by Paul Le Paul.  While it was... Read More

Classic Books-Required Reading Part Two: Down Under Deals

The next book I would like to put under the spotlight is an excellent study called “Down Under Deals”. This booklet was written by my friend Andrew Wimhurst and contains 56 pages of solid card magic. The Devil from Down Under The material in this booklet is very similar in style to that found in the work of Darwin Ortiz.  This is not a surprise because Andrew was inspired... Read More