My New List of Classical Card Magic

In reviewing my top 10 card effects from April 2010, I thought the time has come to share some of the new effects that have made my all time favourite list. Over the last few years, I have embraced more gambling related material and the impact has been fantastic.  There has been a long debate that card magic and gambling demonstrations cannot live side by side in a performance.... Read More

The Fox Holdut – Review

My friend Wayne Fox has released his signature utility device to the marketplace and it is really fantastic. The first time I saw something of this type was through the superb coin work of Eric Jones – Wayne gives credit to Eric as part of his inspirational sources for his development. Fox Holdout There has been a lot of work done on Hold-Outs of various kinds over the years.... Read More

The 2nd Mastering Magic Seminar – “Communicating with Magic”

WOW WOW WOW The 2nd Mastering Magic Seminar took place on the 8th & 9th of September. I am happy to report that the two-day event proved to be a successful outcome for all concerned. I want to personally thank Darwin Ortiz and Charlene Collins for their outstanding contribution and to the following delegates who attended – Tilman Andris, Sam Reynolds, Darren Kidby, Jonathan... Read More

The Boston Card Expert Hits London

It was a big thrill to spend the day with my friend Tony Cabral who is in London on a short visit. Let me say right off that Tony is a superb Cardician, his work is so fooling and a joy to watch. I reviewed his DVD “The Usual Suspect” sometime back on my blog so do check it out to get an overall experience of Tony’s thinking and excellent presentation.  Great... Read More

Mastering Magic – Communicating with Magic.

Have you ever considered what the secrets are to a memorable performance of magic? How about the secrets that make a magical effect the strongest it can be? What about the secrets to understanding how laypeople think about magic? Most importantly, injecting meaning into your magic so that your audience responds powerfully to the experience.  For as long as I can remember, I have... Read More

Mastering Magic – The One Day Seminar

I am delighted and excited to announce my new venture for 2012. I will be hosting my first seminar on card magic and magic in general on Saturday 5th May 2012. The Seminar will be your opportunity to learn some of my brand new routines which will not feature anywhere else except at my seminar. Also, there will be numerous conversations throughout the day on magic as a craft, psychology,... Read More

Tony Cabral is “The Usual Suspect”

The Usual Suspects By Tony Cabral 2-Disc DVD Price: $39.95 It is available from Tony Cabral. Email: for details. Tony Cabral comes form Boston and I first heard of him from my friend Darwin Ortiz. Darwin had told me that Tony is an excellent Cardician. I had the pleasure of meeting Tony a year ago at The S.A.M CON Convention held in Boston. I liked him instantly... Read More

A Product Review

For those of you who appreciate quality props for your card magic, I would like to draw your attention to an exquisitely made prop for the classic effect “The Signed Card to Ring Box.” I have been searching for suitable ring boxes for quite sometime. In fact, I have used many different versions over the years, all with excellent results. Recently, I came across a website... Read More

“Handle With Carey.” A new DVD by John Carey

My friend John Carey has released his first DVD to the market place and it is excellent commercial magic. I love John’s approach to magic.  He has the technical skill to present powerful card magic and yet, he also has a great eye for simplification, directness and for exploring possibilities with classical effects.  As an example, John has done some tremendous work on the... Read More

The Naples Card Expert – Antonio Zuccaro

Last week, I had the great pleasure to meet Antonio Zuccaro. Antonio was in London with his girlfriend Jessica and her family for a sight seeing tour of London. I took the opportunity to meet with him because I was greatly impressed by his card work after watching several of his video performances on You Tube. For someone as young as he is, Antonio handles cards with the neatness... Read More