The Expert at the Card Table – A Year Long Study

A very Happy New Year to you all. I am not one for New Years Resolutions and I didn’t even make any attempt to do so for the start of this new year. The Expert at the Card Table However, I have taken on a really big project which will last probably longer than this year. I have chosen to read, study and evaluate the classic text, “The Expert at the Card Table”... Read More

Mastering Magic – Communicating with Magic.

Have you ever considered what the secrets are to a memorable performance of magic? How about the secrets that make a magical effect the strongest it can be? What about the secrets to understanding how laypeople think about magic? Most importantly, injecting meaning into your magic so that your audience responds powerfully to the experience.  For as long as I can remember, I have... Read More

Mastering Magic – The One Day Seminar

I am delighted and excited to announce my new venture for 2012. I will be hosting my first seminar on card magic and magic in general on Saturday 5th May 2012. The Seminar will be your opportunity to learn some of my brand new routines which will not feature anywhere else except at my seminar. Also, there will be numerous conversations throughout the day on magic as a craft, psychology,... Read More

Tony Cabral is “The Usual Suspect”

The Usual Suspects By Tony Cabral 2-Disc DVD Price: $39.95 It is available from Tony Cabral. Email: for details. Tony Cabral comes form Boston and I first heard of him from my friend Darwin Ortiz. Darwin had told me that Tony is an excellent Cardician. I had the pleasure of meeting Tony a year ago at The S.A.M CON Convention held in Boston. I liked him instantly... Read More

“Handle With Carey.” A new DVD by John Carey

My friend John Carey has released his first DVD to the market place and it is excellent commercial magic. I love John’s approach to magic.  He has the technical skill to present powerful card magic and yet, he also has a great eye for simplification, directness and for exploring possibilities with classical effects.  As an example, John has done some tremendous work on the... Read More

Nothing But The Best – A Review

NOTHING BUT THE BEST- A REVIEW by Michael Vincent Nothing but The Best DVD set by Darwin Ortiz Available from Darwin Ortiz Send An Email To Darwin To Register Your Interest It has been seven years since Darwin Ortiz released a triple DVD set to the marketplace.  This new collection comes from L and L Publishing and it is fantastic.  This new project is different to any of his... Read More

Late Night Magic is Back

Michael will be joining his friend Julian James for  an evening of Classical Magic Late Night Magic with Julian James and Mike Vincent and Mind Reading in April at The Jermyn Street Theatre. Michael and Julian worked together last year and the collaboration was a smash hit. Late night Magic has been for running for 14 seasons and the team are back again for this new year with... Read More

Darwin Ortiz is back with “Nothing But The Best”

Darwin Ortiz is back with "Nothing But The Best" In 2007, Darwin Ortiz released his ground breaking book Designing Miracles.  This book was Darwin’s brilliant attempt to show how and why great magic works and what it take to create magic which is strong, fooling, sophisticated and memorable for a lay audience.  A book of this type is what we magicians have needed... Read More

Penn & Teller: FOOL US

How often does one get the chance to appear on national television and present world class magic?  These opportunities do not come by Michael with Jonathan Ross very often.  When they do, you grab it with both hands.  On my return home from Spain, I was presented with the  opportunity to appear on a television special with famed magicians Penn & Teller; the show would be... Read More

Coming Soon-The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent Volume 3

Elegant Deceptions If you would like to secure your copy today visit my Online store: Michael Vincent Productions Welcome to The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent Volume 3 Volume 3 continues with the same intention as Volumes 1 and 2, that is to transform the learning of magic through the medium of DVD.  Over the last year, Michael Vincent has broken new ground in merging the... Read More