Classic Books-Required Reading Part Two: Down Under Deals

The next book I would like to put under the spotlight is an excellent study called “Down Under Deals”. This booklet was written by my friend Andrew Wimhurst and contains 56 pages of solid card magic.

The Devil from Down Under

The material in this booklet is very similar in style to that found in the work of Darwin Ortiz.  This is not a surprise because Andrew was inspired as I by Darwin’s work.  However, Andrew’s card work is outstanding.

There are a total of nineteen items and I have picked out two items to discuss.  The first item is called “The Awesome Foursome”. This routine is Andrew’s interpretation of an original effect by Harry Lorayne namely “Foursome, DECK-STERITY, 1967″.

“The Awesome Foursome” involves two selected cards and as a result, gives you four separate climaxes.  You would think this multiple climax would be too much for a routine, but it works beautifuly, it is logical and powerful card magic.

Here is a video of my performance:

What makes the routine so great is the fact that it is totally impromptu, even better with a borrowed deck. It is also one of those routines which I consider a “signature effect”. The audience will be in no doubt about your ability with a deck of cards.

Now, the next effect in “Down Under Deals” is a thing of beauty, it is “The Ultimate Topsy Turvy Aces”. This routine was originally created by Edward Marlo and was first published in his private manuscript The Patented False Shuffle”.  Andrew’s routine builds on Marlo’s original effect with a number additions and enchantments.  This is high calibre card handling and the effect is worth whatever time you put in to master it.  The effect combines two classic plots, “Cutting the Aces and Triumph”.

Combining effects very often discredits both effects, in this context, the presentation makes for a very logical discussion and conversation on card cheating.  I have added a video of Andrew performing the routine so that you can study how the effect and presentation are a perfect match for each other and experience the card artistry of Andrew Wimhurst.

To get the most form “Down Under Deals”, you will need to be up on your card technique.  The material ranges from fairly straight forward/intermediate technique  to requiring very advanced card skills.  It is a book that will challenge you but you will be rewarded for your efforts with some solid material which will last you a lifetime.

Down Under Deals by Andrew Wimhurst

This booklet, like “CARDSHARK”, is a post graduate study and I am grateful to Andrew for releasing this because it formed a whole new context for my understanding of what constitutes great card magic.  While I don’t see myself as a gambling expert, I have embraced a number of gambling routines and techniques into my card work and the results have proven to be very powerful for me.  Magical effects and gambling routines can live side by side in a performance set because they form the branches of the tree we refer to as “Card Artistry”.

I want to thank Andrew for allowing me to write this reflection on his book and for granting me permission at Michael Vincent Productions to promote his book to a wider audience.

Let’s end with one more performance from “The Devil Down Under”.

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4 Responses to “Classic Books-Required Reading Part Two: Down Under Deals”
  1. Chew Han Xiang says:

    Hey Mike

    I have long admired Andrew’s cardistry(as much as yours) and finally decided to order his DVD last week.
    Topsy Turvy Aces is perhaps the best combo of two effects ever. It’s what got Andrew to my attention.

    And am I right that his booklets are not longer in print or available in the market? Since their publication was quite long ago.

    Lastly, I love reading your posts. It’s very generous of you to take your time out to share with us your thoughts and views. Thank you for that.

    Looking forward to your next posts.

  2. Hello Chew
    Thank you for joining my community, you are most welcome.

    Like you just when I thought I was a good card man along comes Andrew who made me re-evaluate what I thought was possible.

    Thank you for stopping by.
    Keep well


  3. I asked myself why Andrew Wimhurst is called “The Devil From Down Under”. After watching his performances, I answered my question by myself. Watching he perform “The Ultimate Topsy Turvy Aces” and his tremendous skills at center dealing (I could write a book about my struggle with center deals :-P), which really looks like trick photography, immediately made me consider Andrew as an excellent card man. You can really notice Darwin Ortiz’s influence in his work, which I feel is a standard of top quality. His routines are outstanding, some of which will require a very long period of practice. For instance, just read this quote, which introduces “The Return Of The Ultimate Card Shark”, a beautiful effect from his “Down Under Deals” booklet based on Darwin Ortiz’s classic gambling masterpiece “The Ultimate Card Shark”:

    “Apart from a second deal, a bottom deal, a Greek deal and a centre deal, this effect is practically self-working.”

    I think that this makes you understand immediately that the kind of work you’re up to. I still remember how I got in contact with him: he replied to my performance of “The Ultimate Topsy Turvy Aces” on YouTube, saying that he liked it very much. It was so exciting for me… :)

    I hope that Andrew will release new material in the future: reading and practicing this kind of excellent card magic is a wonderful experience I highly recommend.

  4. Thanks Antonio.
    Young card men like yourself is very inspiring to see.
    With people like Darwin and Andrew leading the way, your path to follow is set.

    Walk the path with integrity.


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