Darwin Ortiz

Where would we be if the great masters of magic hadn’t set the standard for excellence.  They inspired each generation to raise the bar even higher. Over the years, I would meet many of the great magicians, some of them would become my mentors and friends.

I would like to begin with a special thanks to my friend and mentor, Darwin Ortiz.

Darwin-OrtizDarwin is from New York City and has been creating and performing card magic for well over thirty years.  Growing up in the Bronx, Darwin saw and became fascinated with the card mechanics in his neighborhood.  This fueled his passion for sleight of hand card magic and gambling related techniques. Over the years, Darwin would publish his ground breaking card magic to various magazines like Apocalypse.  Two routines appeared in this magazine which brought his name to my attention, namely, “The Jazz Ace” and “Back Off”.

Here is my interpretation of Darwin’s “Back Off”.

When “Darwin Ortiz At The Card Table” was published, Roger Klause said in his introduction, “What would make a professional give away his hard earned secrets”?  This statement endorsed the high quality of Darwin’s material.  This would be consolidated with his next book “CARDSHARK”, which happens to contain some of the most powerful and brilliantly constructed card magic I have had the pleasure of learning and performing.  The routines in this book will completely devastate any audience.

Here is Darwin’s masterpiece from CARDSHARK “The Unholy Three”.

Darwin enhanced his reputation as a world-class author and magician with his wonderful book, “The Annotated Erdnase”.  This book takes the bible of card cheating,“The Expert at the Card Table”, and brings it right up to date with historical references’ and annotations of 20th century sleight of hand.  “The Annotated Erdnase” tracks the development of sleight of hand with cards over the last 100 years in relation to the classic book by S.W.Erdnase.

Darwin’s latest book “Scams and Fantasies” continues his legacy of inspirational card magic.  If you haven’t read any of Darwin’s books, then do yourself a favor and pick them up NOW…you will not regret it.

Darwin’s approach to card magic is challenging, provocative and inspiring. If you aspire to a high standard of technical and artistic excellence in card magic, then studying the work of Darwin Ortiz will broaden your horizons and give you vision of beautiful card magic which I believe is in keeping with the work of the great Hofzinser.

Every conversation I have with Darwin expands my love and appreciation for card magic.  He has inspired me to embrace even more technique into my arsenal and raise my standard even higher, more than I thought was possible.  I’m looking forward to seeing Darwin again later in the year in Washington.

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2 Responses to “Darwin Ortiz”
  1. Hi Mike.

    I fully agree with your post. I consider Darwin Ortiz a great man: he really made me appreciate both pure sleight of hand and the miracles one can accomplish once your skills (presentational, not only technical) are perfected.

  2. Hello Antonio

    Thank you for your comments.
    Your card handling is a wonderful reflection of Darwin’s inspiration to us all.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for your posting.


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