Harry Lorayne – Magic’s Greatest Teacher Part Three

Today, I am going to focus on some of the great card magic found in Harry’s books.

To begin, let’s take a look at a Lorayne Classic, “The Lorayne Poker Deal”.  This routine was first published in “Hugard’s Magic Monthly” back in 1952.  Similar routines have been published, notably “The Marlo Gardner Poker Deal”.  “The Lorayne Poker Deal” has become a classic because Harry took an old principle and routined it with a great presentation.  This routine is still being used by many of the top flight card men around the world, notably Darwin Ortiz, myself included, exactly  Harry taught it.

This routine was published in Harry’s first book “Close-Up Card Magic” which is now out

Click on image to view details from Harry’s website

of print, however, you can learn this routine is Harry’s latest publication, “The Classic Collection”.  The Classic Collection is a huge book containing a complete re-write of Harry’s first four books:

Close-Up Card Magic
Personal Secrets
My Favourite Card Tricks

This bound volume represents exceptional value if this is your first introduction to the work of Harry Lorayne.

This is an excellent routine because if you know the original routine by Paul Curry, you will see that Harry’s routines begins with a shuffled deck in use.  One thing you will notice from studying Harry’s work is the fact that a lot of his routines begin with a shuffled deck, totally impromptu.  This is important because imagine the impact you will have working with a borrowed deck any time , any place, anywhere, that’s magic in my book.  This routine is Harry’s “Impromptu Out of This World” and is published in  Lorayne’s “Classic Collection Volume 1, My Favourite Card Tricks”

This routine is one of my all time favourite effects to perform with a borrowed deck, it is based on Harry’s original effect “Foursome” from his book “Decksterity”. The original effect can be found in “The Classic Collection”.


Click on image to view details on Harry’s website

This routine was published in Harry’s book “Rim Shots”, and is out of print but you will find “Rim Shots” updated in Harry’s bound collection, “The Classic Collection Volume 2″

That’s all for today, back tomorrow with my final blog post on the magic of Harry Lorayne.

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