Penn & Teller: FOOL US

How often does one get the chance to appear on national television and present world class magic?  These opportunities do not come by

Michael with Jonathan Ross

very often.  When they do, you grab it with both hands.  On my return home from Spain, I was presented with the  opportunity to appear on a television special with famed magicians Penn & Teller; the show would be called FOOL US.

The context for the show was for British magicians to attempt to fool Penn & Teller with their best effects.

Penn & Teller would then try and work out how the effects were done in front of the live audience.  If any magician was successful in fooling the dynamic duo, they would win an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas and appear in Penn & Teller’s live show.

It is well documented that Penn & Teller have a reputation for being the “Bad Boys of Magic”.  This all started back in the 1980s with their unconventional approach to magical presentations.  I can remember magicians getting bent out of shape because of this.  I thought and still think that Penn & Teller are brilliant magicians.  I was really excited about appearing on this show and was confident in my ability to showcase my work with class, elegance and dignity.

The host for the show was Jonathan Ross and he was simply brilliant and enthusiastic throughout the whole process.

The team of magicians include Ali Cooke, James Moore, John Archer, Richard Bellars, Rhys and West, Damien Obrien, Benjamin Earle

The Fool Us Team and Mike Vincent. I want to congratulate John Archer and Benjamin Earle for their success in fooling Penn & Teller , off to Las Vegas they go.


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One Response to “Penn & Teller: FOOL US”
  1. Jody Smith says:

    Hi Mike, I really enjoyed the show, and felt so proud and humbled watching your performance especially. The format of ‘fooling’ Penn & Teller was irrelevant I felt, as it was a great premise to give the uk a prime time magic show, and to showcase to the public that this art can still wow. Having the weight of Jonathon Ross and P&T behind it, just made it extremely accessible and brought the audience to the slot. I work in Tv and understand how the ‘system’ works, and was so happy to see the ratings the next day. Congratulations Mike, listening to the country gasp at your mastery was an absolute pleasure.


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