Cards and The Movies

For a “sleight” change of pace (that missing spelling was intentional :-)) I thought it would be fun to pay a tribute to the classic films of hollywood which featured playing cards and gambling in one context or another. I was about 7 years old when I saw the classic film “The Cincinnati Kid” directed by Norman Jewison. ¬†Steve Mcqueen played a young hot shot poker player. ¬†Edward G Robinson played the role of Lancey Howard,... Read More


Hello my friends Welcome to my new blog. This new site will feature all of my thoughts and inspiration dedicated to Sleight of hand Card Magic. I will be sharing a lot of ideas, ramblings and media content so stay with me over this exciting new journey. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Your friend Mike Vincent a2a_config.linkname="Welcome"; a2a_config.linkurl=""; a2a.init("page");  Read More