Classic Books-Required Reading Part Three: The Secrets of Brother Hamman

I first met Brother John Hamman in Las Vegas in 1997. I was part of a group of magicians which consisted of Chris Kenner, Jon Racherbaumer, Alan Alan and Roger Klause.  I never really got into a conversation with Broth Hamman but I have been a big fan of his card work for a very long time. My first introduction was through the small booklet written by Paul Le Paul.  While it was a very good book, it wasn’t until the publication of a special... Read More

Classic Books-Required Reading Part Two: Down Under Deals

The next book I would like to put under the spotlight is an excellent study called “Down Under Deals”. This booklet was written by my friend Andrew Wimhurst and contains 56 pages of solid card magic. The Devil from Down Under The material in this booklet is very similar in style to that found in the work of Darwin Ortiz.  This is not a surprise because Andrew was inspired as I by Darwin’s work.  However, Andrew’s card work... Read More

Classic Books-Required Reading Part One

Over the next few days, I will be sharing my thoughts with you about some of the books that made a difference for me and the development of my card magic.  Since starting this blog, I have mentioned some of the early books that influenced me, there will be some over lap in this conversation becuase I want to go a little deeper into why some of the books were and still are important to me in my ongoing studies. Reading is the source of all learning. If... Read More

Darwin Ortiz

Where would we be if the great masters of magic hadn’t set the standard for excellence.  They inspired each generation to raise the bar even higher. Over the years, I would meet many of the great magicians, some of them would become my mentors and friends. I would like to begin with a special thanks to my friend and mentor, Darwin Ortiz. Darwin is from New York City and has been creating and performing card magic for well over thirty years.... Read More